Warm Welcome Interior Decor Blog: November 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unique Styles, Unique Frustrations

For most homeowners, the design of a home is meant to capture the specific styles of all who dwell within the walls. There are many design changes that can be made to your house to achieve a completely original look, and some are more straightforward than others. Windows are often the best area to focus on when it comes to creating a one of a kind appearance. When you find that your home has a window that breaks with tradition, such as a circle or half-circle window, you might discover that it is not so easy to find the right shutters. Unique styles bring forth unique frustrations, but there are some great ways to get around the specific shape of this kind of window.

Instead of resigning yourself to a life with windows that don’t fit in with the rest of your aesthetic, opt instead for the luxury of customized window shutters. When you hire the right team of professionals, you will be able to sit down and explore all of the options that are available to you. Just because your window breaks the traditional mold does not mean your choices are limited. You can achieve a dazzling look with custom made plantation shutters for your circle window that will capture an elegant style that will effortlessly blend into any room of your home.

The biggest benefit to customized shutters for your unique window is that you have complete control. Instead of strolling through a store and choosing from a limited selection of shutters, you are able to pick and choose elements that work for you. A bit of research will show what can be achieved with custom shutters, and will help inspire you for your own home.

Beyond style, proper shutters can actually increase the functionality of your home. When you have the wrong shutters, or no shutters, on your windows then you might be wasting energy. Quite often, drafty windows will make the heating unit in your home have to work harder to keep your house at the right temperature. This escaping air can result in higher heating bills in the winter. The right shutters will be able to keep your home tight, and allow for you to reap the benefits of a warm home without spending a fortune.

Don’t let a unique window take away from the style that you want out of your home. For information on custom interior shutters in Holly Springs, visit this website and discover more benefits.

Get the Tuscan Look With Wood Shutters

Say the word Tuscany and most people think of endless rolling fields of sunflowers under a soft blue sky, and the earthy pleasures of wine, flavorful food and good company. In the middle of that comforting image sits a timeless farmhouse, surrounded by Cypress trees and adorned with wooden shutters. Now you can bring the look of the Old Country home by adding Tuscan shutters to your house. These useful shutters add form and function to a building.

·         Made of solid wood panels, Tuscan shutters block out light completely when closed. They are also a solid barrier in a storm, which is handy in Hurricane country.

·         Whether interior or exterior, these shutters add a bold statement to the look and feel of your home. Depending on the style chosen, they can work well with décor ranging from rustic to contemporary.

·         Customize your shutters by choosing a vibrant hue such as emerald, cerulean or scarlet. Or select a natural wood tone to complement your interior.

Tuscan shutters can give your house the look of Italy while still retaining the feel of home. Easily customized, they are an elegant and practical choice that will make your house the envy of the neighborhood. For more information about wood Tuscan shutters in Cary, visit this website.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Choose Roller Shades for Easy Operation

The roller shades of yesteryear were a challenge to operate. Pull them too far and you’d never get them back up again. Pull too hard and they would zoom up at lightning speed then go thwap-thwap-thwap around and around. They only worked well for patient people who were never in a hurry. However, the roller shades of today have been redesigned, reworked and renewed for ease of operation. Check out these three systems for easy ups and downs.

1. Retractable Cord

Raise or lower your shades using a retractable cord. A gentle motion does the job, and the cord is hidden when not in use.

2.Cordless System

These roller shades operate without a cord. Grip the lower edge and simply move the shade up or down to the desired position. They stay put every time.

3.Smart Technology

Not only cordless, these roller shades are wireless too. New technology lets you open or close your shades on a schedule from a remote control, smartphone or tablet.

To find the easiest shades to operate, check online or visit a showroom nearby. Read consumer reviews to get an idea of which type would work best for you, then ask your local dealer for an in-home consultation. Visit this website for more information about roller shades in Holly Springs.

Capture the Beach Look With Window Treatments

Whether you live at the beach or simply wish you did, a home with beach décor should be a light and bright space with natural elements and subtle hues. Selecting the right window treatments for your home is an essential aspect of creating the beach theme. Check out these great ideas to make your windows beachy.

1.Plantation Shutters

Nothing beats plantation shutters for creating a beach theme in the South East. Choose a white finish that is UV resistant to avoid cracking, peeling and discoloration in hot and humid conditions.

2.Privacy Sheers

Letting the natural light in, without sacrificing privacy is especially important at the beach. Privacy sheers are an excellent choice, especially for sliding glass doors. They allow you to enjoy your view when open, but give privacy when closed. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

3. Bamboo Roman Shades

A classic favorite, Roman shades constructed with bamboo give your beach themed home a natural look, reminiscent of sand and driftwood. Ease of operation makes these shades even more appealing.

When shopping for window treatments for your beach-themed home, ask your local dealer for an in-home consultation. These professionals can make recommendations that you may not have thought of on your own. For more information about Hunter Douglas shades in Southport, visit this website.

The Benefits of Drop-Down Ceilings

When the time comes to remodel your business, there are many choices that have to be made. While you might immediately start thinking about a new floor or an updated desk for your reception area, there are other aspects that need to be focused on as well. The ceiling is an area that many business owners tend to overlook when it comes to design, but the right decision can make all the difference. There are many different types of ceilings available to work with, but some choices stand out above the rest. Drop-down ceilings can make for an amazing addition to your establishment, and there are several benefits to investing in this design choice.

In recent years, drop-down ceilings and drop-down grids have become incredibly popular in design for a wide variety of establishments. When you take the time to invest in this kind of ceiling, you are immediately giving your business a more updated, modern look. Having an outdated design can hurt your business, and the word of mouth can negatively affect the overall reputation that you have. A drop-down ceiling can provide your business with an excellent modern look.

Having plenty of options can be invaluable when it comes to design. Drop-down ceilings are very customizable, which means that there are lots of choices for you to check out. Your business is going to have its own unique style and set of needs, and this is the kind of ceiling that can compliment any type of establishment.

Outside of design options, there are more utilitarian options available with drop-down ceilings. It is not very complicated to work in extra lighting or ceiling fans when you have a drop-down ceiling. This can prove invaluable, especially if you run a business that requires a very specific type of lighting to create the perfect ambience. The right design team will be able to sit down with you and explain exactly what will be possible with your new ceiling, and how you can make your plans into a reality that you can be happy with.

The affordability of drop-down ceilings have also been a huge factor in how popular they are. When you own a business, you do not want to spend a small fortune on appearance. With a drop-down ceiling, you can achieve a stunning look at affordable rates. Do you research and find an option that works for your business and your budget.

Choosing the right ceiling for your business can go a long way. For more information on drop-down grids in San Diego, visit this website and learn more.

Make a Knockout First Impression

The reception desk is the first thing your clients see when entering your business. What kind of statement is your reception desk making? Is it old and tired? Is it poorly laid out so your director of first impressions looks disorganized, even when he or she isn’t? If you don’t like what you see in your reception area, perhaps it’s time to spruce up your corporate front room with a classy desk.

Functional Style

Instead of buying a premade desk and trying to make it work in your space, get a custom desk that will both exactly fit the rest of your front office and have design features that make it work well for all the duties the front office staff perform. An interior design company can help you create a working piece of art that makes a positive first impression with all those that visit your business.

Imaginative Possibilities

Perhaps you have a large space and need a curved desk to help direct clients in the right direction. Or perhaps your front office is small and needs to be both impressive and functional with compact efficiency. If you can dream it, your interior design professional can make it happen.

Your reception area needs to look good to make a positive first impression with your clients. Follow this link to find your new reception desk in La Mesa.

Improve Your Soundscape

Sound, at too high a volume or of the wrong type, becomes noise pollution. If you have a noise problem in your business, school or health care facility, an expert sound proofing company can install acoustic panels that will provide optimal listening pleasure.

There’s a Panel for That

Perhaps your problem is a loud corridor, where footsteps and conversations reverberate. Maybe your office is a busy one, with the sounds of telephones and office equipment echoing throughout. Whatever your sound dilemma, there are panels that can absorb the noise and improve the listening environment. Instead of the stress excess noise can bring, the quiet created by the addition of panels can improve both moral and productivity.

Functional Décor

If you want a sound proof room, but are concerned about sacrificing aesthetics for good acoustics, don’t be. New sound proof panels come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Forget the obvious tiles of the past. Today’s sound solutions are installed as part of the décor, not in spite of it. From fabric to wood look panels and more, your employees and clients will enjoy the quality of the noise-controlled environment.

Reduce the bother of excess noise. To find your noise solution, go to this website for information about sound control panel installation in La Mesa.