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Friday, 20 November 2015

Choose Roller Shades for Easy Operation

The roller shades of yesteryear were a challenge to operate. Pull them too far and you’d never get them back up again. Pull too hard and they would zoom up at lightning speed then go thwap-thwap-thwap around and around. They only worked well for patient people who were never in a hurry. However, the roller shades of today have been redesigned, reworked and renewed for ease of operation. Check out these three systems for easy ups and downs.

1. Retractable Cord

Raise or lower your shades using a retractable cord. A gentle motion does the job, and the cord is hidden when not in use.

2.Cordless System

These roller shades operate without a cord. Grip the lower edge and simply move the shade up or down to the desired position. They stay put every time.

3.Smart Technology

Not only cordless, these roller shades are wireless too. New technology lets you open or close your shades on a schedule from a remote control, smartphone or tablet.

To find the easiest shades to operate, check online or visit a showroom nearby. Read consumer reviews to get an idea of which type would work best for you, then ask your local dealer for an in-home consultation. Visit this website for more information about roller shades in Holly Springs.

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